The Chief Steward for 2019 is Christine Barton

Co-ordinator for the Miniature Horses: Heather Bowker

New in 2019

  • "Have a Go" Hunter Round the Ring
  • "Have a Go" at Showing

- See Schedule

The Following Classes/Sections are Horse of the Year Qualifiers (HOY):

  • Saddle Hunter
  • Park Hack & Hack
  • Lead Rein Pony (128cm & Under)
  • First Year Ridden Pony
  • Riding Horse
  • Show Pony 148cm and Under
  • Saddle Hunter Pony 148cm & Under
  • Standardbred

Equestrian Schedule

Entries to be completed online through Showday Online, Click here to complete your online entry form Please register with Showday online to complete the Online Entry – please email the office if you require an entry form emailed to you.

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